ninja blender vs vitamix

For a long time, people have used Vitamix as their kitchen appliance, and it might be for a good reason. Professional chefs have been using the blenders to make sauces, juice, and soup produce quickly.

However, not everyone can afford Vitamix due to its high price – the price of this product ranges between $349 and $750. But considering the power of Vitamix, other blenders pale in comparison.

In September 2013, another blender entered the market – it is the Ninja. The manufacturer advertised it as the right answer to all the wonders associated with Vitamix blenders and at a fraction of the high price. The only way to tell for sure is by placing both blenders side by side for a ninja blender vs vitamix showdown.

The starting price of the Ninja blender is $129, but you might pay more if you choose to go for the blenders with more features. Moreover, the manufacturer claimed that the products perform better than the Vitamix blender. Our comparison will help you know whether that is true.

A quick look at the features

Vitamix blender has been in the market since the year 1949, but their technology and experience could not deter the Ninja Kitchen from extruding the market.

The price might tell you something about the two products, but by basing your comparison on the price solely, you might be unfair to one side. So, you have to consider the quality of the two products in relations to the durability, performance, materials and the warranty. Are they less or more similar? Here is a comparison of the features.

The containers are BPA-free

You will be using the blender to process food, we should be therefore certain that they are totally free from the key chemical substances that can be harmful to our bodies such as the Bisphenol A (BPA). That is specific on the product’s container part that gets into contact with ingredients or food.

The manufacturers use BPA-free materials to make the containers. Additionally, the containers of two lines of products are dishwasher safe although Vitamix offers you options depending on the purpose and size – wet or dry ingredients.

Vitamix vs. Ninja: the driver socket materials

The driver socket material is the most important component in both products and that on the Ninja comes all plastic. On the other hand, Vitamix blenders feature metal gear on the drive socket.

Further, the mounting part to connect the container to the socket drive on the Ninja is very different from that on Vitamix models. Vitamix offers an elastic and more flexible pad made of rubber while the Ninja offers an all-plastic mounting part. Only the Ninja Ultima Blender features a metal component.

The blade materials

Each Vitamix blender boasts a hardened laser-cut stainless steel blade with better technology to ensure that it is powerful and unlikely to rust. The manufacturer also provides metal blade housing.

On the Ninja Kitchen side, the sharp blades feature a plastic shaft. The Ninja Kitchen also requires you to pull out the blender’s blades when pouring your mixed ingredients. That is a risky step because you might get injured in the process.

Container lid material

Vitamix offers a 2-parts lid design that is separable. They use rubber to make the primary lid body and plastic to make the vented lid. They make the vented lid for placing at the center of the blender’s primary lid to help the user press all the blended ingredients to the blades’ bottom.

The Ninja Kitchen offers a plastic lid featuring a lock system and vented lid on its side. And because the Ninja blenders come with a blades’ extension that the user must place at the center of the container, they feature a vented lid on their side.

The hole is not as large as that on the Vitamix blender and you will, therefore, have a hard time when adding larger pieces to correct the texture.

The body material

The Vitamix blenders feature a polycarbonate that they dip in liquid metal and finish with brushed stainless steel. Ninja Kitchen blenders feature spray-painted lacquered body in addition to a plastic face.

The motor

The two products come with a powerful motor. They provide adequate power to blend fruits, frozen fruits, vegetable, and crush ices. The products will, therefore, help you get all the benefits an ingredient offers.

The bottom line

Ninja vs. Vitamix: which is better? With the awesome power that the two machines provide, you will be able to accomplish a variety of tasks. However, if you need better and faster results, you should go for the Vitamix blenders. They are easier to clean and use.

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