What Makes a Good Pizza Delivery Service?

top performing businessThere is nothing better than coming home form a hard day at work and ordering a fresh pizza with all your favourite toppings, ordered directly to your front door. You can then sit back and indulge in your favourite TV show or movie, assured that it is on its way. Within 20 to 30 minutes of placing your order, you’ll have a knock at the door, where you will make the exchange. But what really goes into a good pizza delivery service?

Customer Service

The Customer Service that you receive over the phone is the first impression you receive and can be a lasting one. A good Pizza business will have the phone answered in less than 30 seconds. The person would speak clearly and direct, taking down your order as you describe what you want. Should you have any questions, they should be easily answered. Once ordered, your pizza should take no longer than 30 minutes to arrive at your door, piping hot. Should the pizza delivery be late – the person responsible will call you to let you know that he or she is stuck in traffic and will be a little late. If you are happy with the overall experience of the delivery – it is customary to provide a small tip to show your gratitude, but is not expected in all countries.

The Pizza

When you receive your pizza, it should be hot along with any other item you have purchased such as a loaf of Garlic bread or chicken wings / ribs. If you had ordered a drink, it should also be cold and not have been stacked with the hot food. Your pizza should be filled with the exact topping you had requested over the phone and contain nothing but the freshest ingredients. It will have been thoroughly cooked with the odd burnt piece of ham of onion showing as evidence. If your pizza was cooked in a traditional Italian wood fired oven, it will contain a slight aroma of the wood fire that was used to cook it.

If the pizza that you had ordered – meets the above criteria – you will have had a good pizza delivery service, that you will call upon many more times in the future, as testament to their excellent customer service and top quality takeaway.